Start Date:10 October, 2022

Duration: 6 months, online (excl. onboarding)

Time Commitment: +-15-20 hours per week

Note:Limited places available

"There’s a significant gap between the demand for talent who can make data-based decisions, and the availability of graduates and working professionals with these skills. By adding our tech industry expertise to LSE’s wealth of knowledge, we believe this Career Accelerator can help more people to have data based conversations in any role."

Andy Cotgreave

Andy Cotgreave,
Senior Director, Tableau

Career Accelerators are a launchpad for digital economy careers

Created by a world-class university in collaboration with industry leaders, this career accelerator aims to fast track your career in Data Analysis.


Career-focused education designed by a world-leading university and industry leaders


Digital-first flexible learning experience for the modern learner


Holistic career development, addressing critical factors for career growth


Career coaching, mentorship opportunities and ongoing support

A unique educational collaboration that prepares you to solve real-world problems

This LSE programme is designed in collaboration with top tech companies, employers and recruiters to ensure outcomes align with industry demand.


Tech Industry Partners

Provide tools and technologies, and give input into course design


Employer Partners

Lead course project design, and offer exposure to internships and employment opportunities


Recruitment Partners

Offer career masterclasses, coaching and mentorship, and exposure to job openings

This is career-focused education that delivers outcomes employers are looking for


Job capacity for roles in data analysis, AI and machine learning is estimated to increase by 20 million by 2025.1


Along with tech adoption in the workplace, the need for people with strong social and emotional skills will rise rapidly.2


The mismatch between supply and demand of digital talent is forecast to cost G20 countries $11.5tn in lost GDP growth by 2030.3

On this programme, you’ll learn to:

  • Collect and manage data effectively using best practice data-wrangling techniques

  • Drive business value by analysing, designing and utilising proven data analytics approaches

  • Use the power of storytelling to communicate insights through engaging data visualisations and dashboards

  • Critically analyse and address the ethical and social issues of data analysis

  • Build a project-based portfolio as proof of your technical abilities and their relevance to employers

  • Work with a Success Team to demonstrate self-reflection that improves career outcomes

  • Develop a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving through remote collaboration with a diverse peer group

You’ll learn from leading minds in the field

Built for those seeking high-growth career opportunities in data analytics

Career Starters

Start a career as a Data Analyst, with a portfolio of work and key on-the-job competencies

Career Changers

Make a career change and switch to a high-growth path in Data Analysis

Career Advancers

Formalise or advance your knowledge and skills in the field of Data Analytics

A combination of careers-based bootcamp education and the value only a world-class university can offer

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Earn a University Certificate

Learn from esteemed faculty and earn a certificate from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).


Build a Portfolio of Evidence with Tech Employers

Participate in current, real-world projects with leading global technology consultancy, Thoughtworks, and build a portfolio of evidence that employers value today.


Get holistic career support with coaching, mentorship and more

Realise your professional potential with ongoing support from a dedicated success team, committed to helping you achieve the outcomes you seek, both during and after the programme.


Land career opportunities in Data Analysis

Find employment opportunities in the field with the FourthRev employer partner network, or unlock new opportunities at your existing place of work.


Experience a curriculum that matches the pace of change

Instead of using the same activities on repeat, career accelerators engage you in only the most relevant, up-to-date content and projects to build a unique portfolio that’s truly industry relevant.


Learn from leading minds in real-time

Engage in live learning opportunities from industry experts and leading faculty of the LSE; attend live masterclasses; and receive personalised virtual support from a team dedicated to your success—in real-time.

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